Not Just Another School Lunch

The Gorilla Kids™ Mission

To strive for a sustainable future for our children by providing local and organic school lunches and healthier eating options. We are committed to working with community partners to provide solid nutrition for children in order to help them learn and grow. Building alliances between local farms, urban agriculturalists, dieticians, nutritionists, talented chefs, and organic food manufacturers, we are able to provide quality ingredients as well as links to educational resources on healthy food curriculum, the value of organic foods, garden projects, and ecological awareness.

Gorilla Kids™ provides hot meals, bagged lunches and snacks in schools, camps and retail settings. Our meals are prepared daily using the finest local and organic ingredients, and tried and tested kid friendly recipes that meet and exceed USDA Illinois board of education and City of Chicago board of education guidelines.

We obtain all of our produce from certified organic purveyors, our meats are free range, grass fed and all natural, and they have not been subjected to artificial growth hormones and antibiotics, or artificial preservatives.  We observe a strict Non GMO policy, and are a peanut-free facility Gorilla Kids™ has a keen interest in the food education your kids need in order to understand why eating healthy and making good choices is not only about healthy kids but about a healthy and sustainable planet. Through the strong alliances with our friends, we are able to bring schools a variety of educational components to supplement healthy eating plans.