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Dear Mary Ann, Thanks for being such a warm, nurturing presence in Frankie’s young life. We are so grateful we found such attentive and patient teachers, especially since this was her first time away from home. We will miss your smiling face, and I know Frankie will miss her cuddles and her first encounter with the world of wonder beyond her door. Thank you truly. -The Gerdeman Family

After researching dozens and dozens of Chicago preschools for our two children, we are so thankful to have found Creative Scholars. My husband and I know we made the right decision in sending our kids here, and are thrilled with the enthusiasm our daughters display about their school activities.

We can not say enough good things about this preschool and will be sad to say goodbye when our kids start kindergarten.

My son has now been at this preschool for a year and a half now, and we are all still loving it. The staff is still communicating at the same high level, and everything just seems to work like clock-work.  I’ll be so sad when it’s time for my son to move on.

It’s been an amazing experience… The education both of my kids received has been fantastic… I have nothing but great things to say. Very nurturing. Great education…Involved teachers. They’re wonderful.

We love the physical space and layout of the building.  It’s very intimate.  We also appreciate the teacher qualifications.

We are currently enrolled at Creative Scholars. Actually, we enjoy it so much that I started a Parent’s Committee there. We hope to establish strong relationships with the school, with both the teachers and my son’s new friends which he really looks forward to seeing each day! Also, we can tell he is learning at a quicker pace than at his previous school. It’s a great place.

I wanted my daughter to be learning a lot and felt that the teachers made learning fun.

My daughter is in the 2 year old classroom Creative Scholars and I couldn’t be happier with the program.  The educators are excellent, the class sizes are small and the school is very well run.  The 2 year old program does a very good job teaching children to be self sufficient, whether it is drinking from a cup, using the potty independently, or learning the basics of counting and the alphabet.  I think they employ just the right combination of play and creative time with education and social skills development and my daughter loves loves her teachers! when I pick my daughter up each afternoon, I’m also impressed with the depth knowledge her teachers have of the goings on in her day, including her accomplishments and current challenge areas.  There apprears to be very little turnover of staff, which I think is an important sign of a strong program and the teachers there are obviously carefully selected.  This place is the best.