Tots Class Overview

The Tots Class is for children age 15 months to 24 months and is designed to be a welcoming and joyful introduction to your child’s preschool experience.

The class focuses on developing your young learner’s sense of curiosity as they explore their desire to investigate the world. Each day, children have the opportunity to engage in playful and hands-on experiences that support a child’s sense of wonder as they: engage in sensory and art experiences, listen to stories, sing and dance, and explore the classroom environment. Through these daily experiences, the children build their fine motor skills, their cognition, and their self-concept. Every day, the children also visit our large, indoor playground where they are invited to climb, run, slide, swing, and build the gross motor skills that are central to their larger development.

We understand the importance of helping toddlers develop a feeling of security as they transition into their first group setting. The teaching staff focuses on supporting families and children through a gentle and individualized separation process. When you enroll, the teachers will reach out to you and discuss your child’s experiences being away from home, your feelings on your child attending preschool, and how you anticipate your child will transition into a preschool experience. We will work with you in designing a visit and transition schedule that fits your family’s goals.

The Tots Program at Creative Scholars is designed to support the growth of the whole child. Our teachers support this age group’s growing desire for independence. We nurture their growing capacity for understanding and interacting with others to help them become caring, inquisitive, and confident individuals.

Diapers and/or pull-ups, and snacks are included in the cost of tuition.

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