“Play is our brain’s favorite way of learning.”
Diane Ackerman

Della Allen, School Owner

Education and Experience in Early Childhood Care and Education
My husband, Mark, and I opened an indoor play space in 2004. Fantasy Kingdom was the first facility in Chicago to offer families drop in play. In 2009 we opened Creative Scholars to extend our reach of play and learning for young children.

I Enjoy Working in Early Childhood Because…
I enjoy early childhood education as it is the start to a child’s future success. Helping these young minds build their confidence and knowledge is extremely rewarding to me. Watching them over the years grow during their stages of early childhood is the biggest accomplishment for me and them. I can mainly be found in the Tots classroom. I enjoy singing with our children, reading stories, playing with play doh and of course, messy art activities! What I love most about this age group is they still love tons of hugs and cuddles.

Play’s Role in the Learning Process
The importance of play in learning is the key foundation to every young child’s success in education. There are no set rules that a child needs to follow when it comes to play. They are using their imagination and learning from communicating and listening to others. From this they build their vocabulary which are the stepping stones to the early stages of reading.

My Favorite Way to Play as a Child…
When I was a child, I loved riding my bike and playing outside with my sister and all of our neighborhood friends. I also loved playing mommy with my baby dolls. My mom had her own hair salon in our basement and I remember sitting on all of her customer’s laps and having them read stories to me over and over again.

What do I do When I’m not at CSP?
When I’m not at Creative Scholars I enjoy spending time with my husband, Mark, our 18 year old twins, Jami and Brendan; and our two dogs, Marcello & Leo. We love to stay active! If we’re not cheering on our daughter or son in a school activity, we love hanging out with family and friends and exploring our city.